And still they complain!

(Letter to the South Wales Evening Post)

Some people are never satisfied

The Welsh comprise less than 5% of the UK population.

They very generously go to all the time, trouble and expense of translating everything into English so that everyone else in the UK can understand it.

But the Anglophiles still complain about the cost! (Andrew Hinton, ‘Can’t escape extra costs’, Have Your Say, 6 November)

I write my letters in English because I assume that Mr Hinton and his ilk wouldn’t understand them otherwise.

The fact that English is the language of mass communication in Wales does not remove the right of the Welsh people to spend their taxes on protecting and promoting their language.


Keith M Ross


About Mr KRoss

It's the same the whole world over; it's the poor what gets the blame; it's the rich what gets the money; ain' it all a bleedin' shame.

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  1. swanseabeachcomber says :

    Letter published in today’s Evening Post: ‘Some people never pleased

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