This e-mail, received today has left me speechless – so would welcome suggestions for how to respond!

Dear Friend,

The Liberal Democrats have cut your income tax bill. *

From next April, the average worker will be paying £550 a year less in tax than they were in 2010. That’s money that can make life a little bit easier in these tough times.

But we need your support to do more. 

At the next budget I want to see that £550 a year become £700 a year.

Over the coming months there’s going to tough negotiations within Government about spending priorities. I’ll be honest, there’s not a lot of money to go round.

We need to make sure that cutting taxes for average workers stays at the top of Government priorities.

You can help me do that by joining our campaign to deliver a £700 tax cut in the next budget here.

Every extra person that signs up will strengthen my hand in the months ahead – so please forward this mailing onto your friends.  Chances are we’ve cut their tax too!

Thank you for your support.

Danny Alexander

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury

* – Unless you don’t pay income tax or earn over £100,000.

(PS: I am definitely not Danny Alexander’s “Friend”)




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