The answer is all around us

Solar PanelsG Levell (‘Fracking is a real option’, South Wales Evening Post, 28 August) asks, “Where does Keith M Ross expect us to get the energy we need?”

The answer is simple – from all around us.

If, instead of offering tax incentives to oil and gas companies wishing to rip up what is left of our countryside, the government were to put our money into investment in renewables we would have no need of fracking or nuclear power.

If that investment were focussed on small-scale renewables and energy conservation we might also remove the need for large wind farms across the hills of Wales.

Imagine if we had solar panels on every suitable roof space, small wind generators wherever appropriate, hydro electric plants, tidal stream and tidal lagoon sites wherever possible.  Couple that with large solar arrays and wind farms placed near to our existing power stations, where the necessary infrastructure already exists – and you have a recipe for a clean, green, sustainable energy future.

Did we learn nothing from the devastation that the industrial revolution and the coal industry in particular wreaked on South Wales?  Our hills and valleys have only just recovered from that, and G Levell and his fracking friends now want to subject us to another ‘Rape of the Fair Country’.

We don’t need high-tech, high cost, dirty, polluting and unsustainable solutions to our future energy needs.  The answer lies in our own hands, and in the air, the sea and the sunshine all around us.




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It's the same the whole world over; it's the poor what gets the blame; it's the rich what gets the money; ain' it all a bleedin' shame.

One response to “The answer is all around us”

  1. Ben Grigg says :

    Really good Keith – soon they’ll all get the idea.


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