Welsh a “dying language”? Not in our playground!

B Jones (‘Voters were not asked’, South Wales Evening Post, 4 September) uses a shabby trick of seeking to generalise from a particular instance – implying that because one child is unhappy at a Welsh Medium school, then all children at such schools must be unhappy.

I too know of non-Welsh parents whose 6-year-old son attends Ysgol Bryn-y-Mor in Brynmill.  His parents have not a word of Welsh between them, yet he is a happy well-adjusted child who delights in chattering in Welsh to his young pals knowing full well that his parents cannot understand what the children are talking about.

I pass the school almost daily and generally at a time when the children are in the playground.   From observation I find it difficult to believe that any of those children “hate going to school” or find any difficulty in communicating in Welsh or English to those around them.

Rather than a “dying language”, Welsh is most definitely alive and kicking.  Swansea Council has seen a consistent increase in demand for places at Welsh Medium schools for much of the last decade.

But don’t let me dissuade B Jones & Co. from continuing to spout their anti-Welsh bigotry.  I suspect the more they complain the more determined others will be to protect and promote the language and culture of Wales.







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  1. Mr KRoss says :

    Letter appeared in last Saturday’s Evening Post: ‘Kids happy at Welsh school

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