People Power can stop fracking

I’m surprised by David L Davies’ letter (‘Is fracking a done deal?’, South Wales Evening Post, 7 October) in which he seems to be saying there is nothing we can do to stop fracking and coal gasification.

David L Davies’ dogged determination to pursue the cause of improved public transport for the people of Gower has been an inspiration to me, and I’m sure many others.

I must take issue with his assertion that we should not “pretend that the ultimate decision makers are to be found outside the corridors of power”.  Surely it is a cornerstone of our democracy that the ultimate decision makers are the people of Britain; each and every one of us.

If the fight against fracking in the UK is teaching us anything it is that we, as individuals and communities, do have the power to oppose and change things.

Just last week Reuters reported, “Plans (for coal gasification) may wait for years because of concerns about climate change”.

The article quoted Algy Cluff, head of the company planning to carry out coal gasification in the Loughor Estuary: “The opposition … has caught the government and companies … by surprise”.

As a result coal gasification is “not likely to be deployed for at least another five years, while government officials are tied up with the public opposition”.

This may only be a temporary stay of execution, but it is a victory for people power and for all those individuals and groups who are determined to stop these dirty, damaging and unsustainable technologies from blighting our countryside and environment.



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  1. Mr KRoss says :

    Letter published in the Evening Post on 9 October: ‘Victory for people power

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