Snow in the Middle East is no joke

I don’t agree with Gordon W Triggs about much, but I’ve always taken him to be an educated person.

However, his latest letter (‘More green taxes needed’, Evening Post, 21 December) displays ignorance on several levels.

 Anyone with even a basic grasp of meteorology could explain how differential warming in the atmosphere could lead to snow in the Middle East for the first time in over a century; particularly as it followed the warmest November on record worldwide. 

But of more concern is his crass ignorance of the plight of children in the Middle East.

No amount of “snow ball fights and skating” could distract the children of Syria from the nightmare that their lives have become.

And as a result of “the recent extreme weather event” the beleaguered children of Gaza have found themselves wading through waist-high freezing water in order to get to school.

Rather than using the plight of the children of the Middle East in order to score petty points, perhaps Gordon Triggs should take consolation in the words of Sir Bob Geldof (‘Feed the World’) and, “tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.”



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