Mr Kross is the alter ego of Keith Malcolm Ross – male, sexagenarian, retired and living in Swansea.

Born in England, I have subsequently lived in (the north of) Ireland, Scotland and Wales – in that order.  So I consider myself in many ways a true Brit.  My father’s family are almost entirely English, and on my mother’s side we have mostly Scots, but a smattering of Irish also.  Haven’t found any Welsh in there yet, but I’m still looking.

In my time I’ve sailed the seven seas and worked in local government, university administration, property letting, telecommunications and the refugee sector.  I also ran a small heritage centre for a while, and have worked as a swimming pool lifeguard.  A regular “jack of all trades” you might say, and definitely master of none.

My main interests in life are human rights, green living and creating a world fit for my grandchildren who unfortunately live too far away for me to see regularly.

Several years of campaigning on green issues, and more recently involvment in Green Party politics have left me with a  pretty jaded view of our political system and many of the players within it.  So you can expect plenty of cynicism, but I will try to pepper it with good news when I can.

The thoughts and feelings expressed in this blog are entirely my own and should not be taken to reflect the views or policies of any group or organisation that I am a member of or otherwise involved with.  It’s me, all me and just me.

Comment, criticism and alternative ideas are always welcome, but please keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks.  I will not hestitate to censor any comments that I consider inappropriate, over-personal or not germane to the discussion.  If you want to push your own hobby horse(s), get your own blog.  This one is mine!

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